Monday, December 21, 2015

"What Really Makes Y0u T!ck?" 10 quest!0ns y0u sh0uld ask t0 y0urself: a preparat!0n t0 self-!mpr0vement

Be all y0u can be, but !t's n0t always !n the Army. ! 0ften see myself as s0mewhat c0ntented w!th my l!fe the way th!ngs are, but 0f c0urse !t's hard t0 th!nk 0f anyth!ng else when where are real !ssues t0 be d!scussed.

St!ll ! asp!re f0r s0meth!ng deeper and m0re mean!ngful.

S0 we're all pelted w!th pr0blems. H0nestly !t sh0uldn't even b0ther 0r even h!nder us t0 bec0m!ng all we 0ught t0 be. Asp!rat!0ns as k!ds sh0uld c0nt!nue t0 l!ve w!th!n us, even th0ugh !t w0uld be sh0rt-l!ved 0r as l0ng as we c0uld h0ld 0n t0 the dream. They say y0u can't teach an 0ld d0g new tr!cks… 0r can they?

1. What d0 ! really want?
The quest!0n 0f the ages. S0 many th!ngs y0u want t0 d0 w!th y0ur l!fe and s0 l!ttle t!me t0 even g0 ab0ut dur!ng the day.

F!nd s0meth!ng that y0u are g00d at can help real!ze that small step t0wards !mpr0vement. D!l!gence !s the key t0 kn0w that !t !s w0rth !t.

2. Sh0uld ! really change?
T0day's generat!0n has taken an0ther level 0f redef!n!ng 'self', 0r at least that's what the k!ds are say!ng. Hav!ng an army 0f teenage n!eces and nephews has taught me that there are far w0rse th!ngs that they c0uld have had than acne 0r maybe even pr0m!scu!ty. S0 h0w d0es that f!t !nt0 y0ur l!festyle?

!f h!st0ry has taught us 0ne th!ng, !t's the l!fe that we have g0ne thr0ugh. Try t0 see !f party!ng Sevent!es style w0uldn't appeal t0 the y0unger generat!0n, but danc!ng !s part 0f party!ng. Watch them applaud after sh0w!ng them h0w t0 really dance than break the!r b0nes !n break-danc!ng.

3. What's the br!ght s!de !n all 0f th!s?
W!th s0 much !s happen!ng ar0und us there seem t0 be n0 r00m f0r even c0ns!der!ng that l!ght at the end 0f the tunnel. We can st!ll see !t as s0meth!ng p0s!t!ve w!th0ut underg0!ng s0 much scrut!ny. And !f !t's a tra!n at the end 0f the tunnel, take !t f0r a r!de and see what makes the w0rld g0 r0und!

4. Am ! c0mf0rtable w!th what !'m d0!ng?
There's always the easy way and the r!ght way when !t c0mes t0 dec!d!ng what g0es w!th wh!ch sh0es, 0r purse, sh!rt and whatn0t. !t d0esn't take a gen!us t0 see y0urself as s0me0ne un!que, 0r else we'll all be equally the same !n everyth!ng we d0. Var!ety br!ngs !n very !nterest!ng and exc!t!ng quest!0ns t0 be exper!mented.

5. Have ! d0ne en0ugh f0r myself?
Have y0u, 0r !s there s0meth!ng m0re y0u want t0 d0? D!sc0ntentment !n every aspect can be danger0us !n large d0ses, but !n small am0unts y0u'll be able t0 see and d0 stuff y0u c0uld never !mag!ne d0!ng.

6. Am ! happy at where ! am t0day?
!t's an unfa!r quest!0n s0 let !t be an answer! Y0u l0ve be!ng a g00d and l0v!ng m0m 0r dad t0 y0ur k!ds, then take !t up a n0tch! Y0ur k!ds w!ll l0ve y0u f0rever. The same g0es w!th everyday l!fe!

7. Am ! appeal!ng t0 the 0pp0s!te sex?
S0 maybe ! d0n't have an answer t0 that, but that d0esn't mean ! can't try !t, th0ugh. Whether y0u shape-up, change the way y0u wear y0ur cl0thes 0r ha!r, 0r even y0ur att!tude t0wards pe0ple, y0u sh0uld always remember !t w!ll always be f0r y0ur 0wn benef!t.

8. H0w much c0uld ! have?
! supp0se !n th!s case there !s n0 such th!ngs 0n hav!ng th!ngs t00 much 0r t00 l!ttle, but !t's m0re 0n h0w badly y0u really need !t. !'d l!ke t0 have l0ts 0f m0ney, n0 deny!ng that, but the quest!0n !s that h0w much are y0u w!ll!ng t0 w0rk f0r !t?

9. What m0t!vates me?
What m0t!vates y0u? !t's an answer y0u have t0 f!nd 0ut f0r y0urself. There are s0 many th!ngs that can make every0ne happy, but t0 ch00se 0ne 0f the may be the hardest part. !t's n0t l!ke y0u can't have 0ne serv!ng 0f y0ur fav0r!te f00d !n a buffet and that's !t. Just try !t p!ece by p!ece.

10. What Really Makes Y0u T!ck?

S0? What really makes y0u t!ck? Y0u can be just ab0ut anyth!ng y0u always wanted t0 be, but t0 real!ze that atta!n!ng s0meth!ng that may seem very d!ff!cult !s already g!v!ng up bef0re y0u even start that j0urney. Always remember, that self-!mpr0vement !s n0t just ab0ut the phys!cal 0r ph!l0s0ph!cal change y0u have t0 underg0, but !t's s0meth!ng that y0u really want.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

inspirational quotes ..............than can improve yourself

!t m!ght take a l!ttle c0ffee 0r pr0bably a few r0unds 0f beer 0r any 0ther b00ze y0u c0uld get y0ur hands 0n when !t c0mes t0 relax!ng after a hard day's w0rk. Well, yeah !'m gu!lty ab0ut that 0ne as well, unless !'m caught dead wear!ng a lampshade 0ver my head after a few r0unds 0f v0dka… half-naked! 0kay, bad example and ! ap0l0g!ze t0 every0ne read!ng th!s after gett!ng n!ghtmares ab0ut me !n that state 0f drunken stup0r.

Just d0n't ask h0w !t happened, please.

But what's really !nterest!ng !s that h0w d0 pe0ple g0 thr0ugh the usual part 0f l!fe when faced w!th ve!n-p0pp!ng stress? ! mean, the new age th!ng l!ke Zen 0r y0ga !s 0ne 0f the g00d th!ngs and !t actually w0rks. !s there r00m f0r the !ntellectual s!de 0f pe0ple wh0 can actually smell the r0ses-!n-a-can wh!le 0n the m0ve? !t k!nd 0f had me th!nk!ng that there really must be s0meth!ng !n th!s 'm!nd-0ver-matter' th!ng.

Hum0r !s !ndeed the best med!c!ne there !s whenever y0u are. ! mean any0ne can pay g00d m0ney t0 l!sten t0 a c0med!an just t0 make y0u wet y0ur pants after laugh!ng s0 hard. Desp!te 0f what's been happen!ng, and t0 th0se wh0 has g0ne th0ugh the 0rdeal, !t's better t0 just laugh wh!le fac!ng the tr0ubles w!th a clear m!nd than anger w!th a cl0uded v!s!0n. 0ne 0f my fav0r!te celebr!t!es 0f all t!me may have t0 be W00dy Allen. N0w th!s !s 0ne guy wh0 g!ves y0u the !n-y0ur-face bluntness that he pulls 0ut w!th gust0, even w!th0ut even try!ng. Y0u can talk just ab0ut anyth!ng w!th a man, and he's b0und t0 m0ck the subject and y0u'll end up laugh!ng rather than be!ng upset ab0ut !t.

W00dy Allen has th!s t0 say:

1. "M0ney !s better than p0verty, !f 0nly f0r f!nanc!al reas0ns." !t s0unds g00d t0 me, ! mean the pract!cal!ty 0f all th!ngs d0es !nv0lve m0ney but !t d0esn't have t0 take an arm and a leg t0 get !t.

2. "! bel!eve there !s s0meth!ng 0ut there watch!ng us. Unf0rtunately, !t's the g0vernment." 'Nuff sa!d.

3. "There are w0rse th!ngs !n l!fe than death. Have y0u ever spent an even!ng w!th an !nsurance salesman?" Th!s happens t0 be 0ne 0f the class!c 0nes. ! mean the !ssue ab0ut l!fe's l!ttle pr0blems !sn't all that bad, unt!l 'he' sh0ws up.

Sure, relat!0nsh!ps can get c0mpl!cated, 0r d0es have !ts c0mpl!cat!0ns that pr0bably any auth0r ab0ut relat!0nsh!ps !s b0und t0 d!sc0ver !t s00n. We f0ll0w what 0ur heart des!res, unless y0u're talk!ng ab0ut the heart as !n the heart that pump bl00d thr0ugh0ut y0ur b0dy.

4. "L0ve !s the answer, but wh!le y0u're wa!t!ng f0r the answer, sex ra!ses s0me pretty !nterest!ng quest!0ns." And !f y0u want m0re, just keep 0n ask!ng!

5. "A fast w0rd ab0ut 0ral c0ntracept!0n. ! asked a g!rl t0 g0 t0 bed w!th me, she sa!d 'n0'." !t s0unds, 'pract!cal', ! th!nk.

And when !t c0mes t0 everyday l!fe, he really kn0ws h0w t0 make the best 0ut 0f every p0ss!ble scenar!0, and !t d0esn't !nv0lve a lawsu!t !f he str!kes a nerve.

6. "Bas!cally my w!fe was !mmature. !'d be at h0me !n the bath and she'd c0me !n and s!nk my b0ats." ! never had a b0at !n my bathtub bef0re. Just star!ng at !t wh!le s0ak!ng !n h0t water makes me seas!ck already.

7. "! am n0t afra!d 0f death, ! just d0n't want t0 be there when !t happens." !f !t ra!ns, !t p0urs.

8. "! am thankful f0r laughter, except when m!lk c0mes 0ut 0f my n0se." !t c0uld get w0rse when y0u're guzzl!ng 0n beer… 0r m0uthwash, and !t happened t0 me 0nce!

9. "!f y0u want t0 make G0d laugh, tell h!m ab0ut y0ur plans." At least he d0esn't sm!te us w!th l!ghtn!ng, and !'m thankful f0r that.

And desp!te 0f what may happen t0 all 0f us !n the next ten, twenty, 0r even th!rty years, ! guess we all have t0 see th!ngs !n a d!fferent k!nd 0f l!ght and n0t just perspect!ve. ! can't seem t0 !mag!ne l!fe w!th0ut any p!ece 0f w!sd0m that c0uld gu!de us. Whether we're rel!g!0us 0r n0t, !t takes m0re c0urage t0 accept y0ur fears and learn h0w t0 deal w!th them !s all that matters when !t c0mes t0 even just gett!ng al0ng.

And t0 sum th!ngs up, here !s the last nugget 0f w!sd0m t0 g0 by… h0wever, whenever, and wherever we may be.

10. "The talent f0r be!ng happy !s apprec!at!ng and l!k!ng what y0u have, !nstead 0f what y0u d0n't have."